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sara oliver, the strong woman inc.: your partner in the journey to health
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Hi, my name is Sara Oliver.  My family and I love the Shaklee products and I love having the privilage of sharing the products and opportunity with others.

I called a good friend of mine in the fall of 2009, that had introduced me to Shaklee a year prior.   When she had told me about the non-toxic cleaning products I somewhat dismissed the idea because I had a maid at the time and didn't think I needed to switch.  When I brought my premature baby home from the hospital, however, I became very conscience of her health and premature lungs.  One day while cleaning the house I got a bad sore throat and quickly realized I had to switch to a better, safer cleaning product. 


Emily being transported to NICU 3 That was a hard day for this mama!


My other two kiddos got to enjoy the beautiful welcome home cake a friend made. Unfortunatley, Emily didn't get to come home for 11 more days.


Getting better!  Brother and sister get to visit and hold our Emily Grace.


All three kids at home at last!  God is good!

I joined as a Gold that fall of 2009 and got the entire Get Clean kit.  When I realized how awesome all the other products were, I began recommending them to clients, friends and family.  What impressed me the most was the fact that Shaklee products do not contain any artificial sweeteners, colors or preservatives and the extensive research that goes into the production of a product.

I have since been thrilled to witness many lives benefit from the wonderful products.  I have customers who have been able to get off allergy medication, lose weight, get better sleep at night, get off pain medication, increase athletic performance, gain more muscle, lose fat and enjoy overall more energy!  It's been so fun to do good for others, and in the meantime do well for me and my family.

I have helped others earn a monthly income, and because of that I am also enjoying the rank of Senior Coordinator and enjoying a monthly car payment given to me by Shaklee!  I've earned a trip for four this year at the Atlantic Resort in the Bahamas, and well as having gotten to enjoy Team Up prizes that included an iPad, a flip camera, luggage and Tiffany champagne glasses! 

If you are looking to enjoy better health, then Shaklee products are for you!  If you are looking to earn an extra income to get out of debt, pay an extra bill, maybe save for college, or quit your current job, then Shaklee can help you do that too!  What a privilege it is to help others feel their best while also doing well!

Welcome to the Shaklee family!